Joyful Leadership

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit."  - Aristotle

In today's fast-paced world, leaders have the big responsibility to make positive changes and overcome challenges. Leadership is a long journey rather than a short run.

The Joyful Leadership course was carefully developed by an international team of experts who poured all their decades of experience and knowledge to help you to become better, more fulfilled and the most important – a joyful leader. Leadership is also about bringing joy to other peoples' lives.

This Course is a perfect resource for Future and Current leaders, managers and youth workers.

You can expect a lot of life-changing lessons, insightful advice and big support from mentors as well as Joyful Leadership Course community on your experience through this course.

Moreover, during this course, you will have a lot of quizzes, challenges, and tasks to help you in getting knowledge as well as free Joyful Leadership Manual. 

This free online course is funded by the European Union and Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes through Erasmus+ programme.

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Usage of Digital Tools

„Usage of ICT“ course will provide students with basic skills and knowledge on how to use digital tools in work with youth and to motivate them for further self-studies.

Policy Impact / Influence in the Field of Youth Work

„Policy impact“ course will give a framework of youth local, national and European policies and of the decision-making processes. The participants will gain basic knowledge of possible strategies in advocacy and lobbying for youth.

Cooperation with Relevant Stakeholders

„Cooperation with relevant stakeholders“ course aims to familiarize the students with the possibilities for their organizations networking and teach them how to attract available stakeholders in getting support for youth work.

Reaching Out to Young People

„Reaching out to young people“ course will enable youth workers to gain new skills and knowledge that will improve their communication with young people, enable them to understand youth better and to employ new methodologies and techniques in their daily work.